Throughout your study of science, you will learn a variety of terms, facts figures and concepts.
One of the skills you will dvelo as you continue to study science is the ability to organize things in a logical, orderly way- that is to classify things. For example, biologists classify all life on earth into five broad kingdoms of living things; Astronomrs classify stars into five main types according to their size; and chemists clarify the 109 know elements according to their properties or characteristics.
As a department we encourage out learners to adopt scientific method of approach to problem solving. The basic steps in the scientific method are:-
Stating the problem
Gathering information on the problem
Forming a hypothesis
Performing experiments to test the hypothesis
Recording and analyzing data
Stating a conclusion
Repeating the work
A common question often asked by students is “why are we studying science?
The answer is plenty! Science affects all of us each and every day of our life’s.
 Think about a world without doctors, engineers, computers scientists, surveyors among other professional. Think about the basic laboratory tools that you learn to use which include the metric ruler, triple-beam balance, graduated cylinder celcius thermometer, electric weighing balance among others. Life is impossible without measurement of volume, temperature, mass and length.

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