English language is a prerequisite for admission to various courses at the universities, especially law. It has been noted with a lot of concern that K.C.S.E performance in English language has not been very encouraging in our school. This is because top grades (particularly grade A) have been missing in our K.C.S.E results for quite sometime.

Though the mean score in English language has consistently remained above the general school mean, this has always been contributed by students attaining average grades.

It is therefore of paramount importance that students change the attitude they have always had towards English Language. By putting a lot of effort in English language, average grades in this language will be a thing of the past in our ‘mighty St. Paul’s ‘indeed attainment quality grades in English language will translate into better grades in other subjects as English is the language of instruction (lo1) in all other subjects  (except Kiswahili) in our school.

Wishing you all the best and a year full of hard work, as we look forward to excellent K.C.S.E results early next year.

God bless you, God bless all of us and God bless our mighty St. Paul.



KCSE Exams Analysis






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