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The geographical location of this magnificent house is about loom from the main gate that welcomes you to our beautiful school.  It is found south of Jogoo and north of Harambee dormitories respectively.  You will not have a rough time trying to find it simply because it is a dorm that shows  outright superiority from its neighbours who lol  ‘’ Shrivelled up’’.  It housed a total of 76 students of which tehre are 26 from fours, 8 form threes, 23 form twos and 19 form ones.  Headed by our well abled captains Wycliff Mugambi, Joseph Ngure( Assistant captain) under our patron Mr. Mbogo T.  This is the second smallest dorm after Umoja.  All students have only one horizon to pursue each day as every second truns to history but I will  not expose that to you If you are interested to know it, Just stck around these 76 students and notice the difference between you and them and then maybe you willunderstand why then I all the time criticize those who choose to break my norms and for once praise what truly reserves praise my anonymous.


Solomon Kaimanyi-Captain

Stephen Njiru-Assitant captain

With a population of almost 130 students, Ndekez has proved to have team work in terms of sports, academics and most importantly discipline.  Students are well behaved, self driven and they do not need to b forced to work.  To our achievements our house has managed to be champions in soccer and position two in athletics in just the concluded intercourse completion.  We thank the Almighty God for the energy, zeal motivation and team work.  In all that we do we put God first that’s how we are able to succeed.  

Our motto:  Together as one:




East, West, North or South, Umoja is the best.  Look down here….. Imagine a dorm of only 72 but has managed to be the smartes of  all dorms.  By the way it is known by most students as the school paradise.  More over it has produced the best team in hand ball , and not only that but in athletics too.  Who doesn’t like that?  You have no option

Umoja is unique .  See this also/……… All dorms are in pairs except the one and only umoja which is solitary located by itself on one of the amusing grounds near the dorm area gardern

The attribuetes which a person should endeavour to cultivate becomes well-rounded are so felicitiously expressed like in our able dorm captain Castly Peter who in his tender and loving hands the futue of the dorn is entrusted, he has a vision.  People perish Umoja’s success hasn’t come by accident its through the members  cooperation and the bountiful trust in God.

Umoja being so small has left many dumb fonded disbelief of our progress all through.  Because it has also captures our principal interst due to it’s  high discipline level.






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"First, I would like to thank the Almighty Deity who has been very gracious and kind tous by giving us perpetual protection and care and provison of …

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