"First, I would like to thank the Almighty Deity who has been very gracious and kind tous by giving us perpetual protection and care and provison of basic needs.  I would also like to thank him for giving me thie opportunity to exert authority by being language representative in our school.           


Language is very crucial to day to day lives and activities.  If not used correctly , it mihght led to unwanted results due to proof communication.  Also, it would affect students academically, especially in English and Kiswahili , crucial languages in our country.


In order to make this a great succes, we have put a piece strategies and policies to ensure the use of correct and approriate language on set days, failure to which will be met with dire consequences

Therefor, I urge all students to maintain the good record of using the correct language which will be only for our

own good.


On a parting note, there was once a greek philosopher, Theophrastus, who said that,  ‘Time is our most  costly expenditure’


Thank you."


From Hillary Mwaniki,


Form 3  Language Representative  




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