In a world like we are in today in the 21st century where things seem to be changing flicky from analog to digital, there needs to be a group of learned, eloquent and creative minds bringing reports from all corners of the earth to the public that is to both successful and demotic category of people.

That is why we as the young journalists of this century embark on the policy of ensuring information is relayed to everyone.

Our club aims at creating a medium of relaying information in and out of this vast school.

Our 80 member’s team is always ready believing in the spirit of togetherness and transparency. This bold act is by our great patron Mr. Thomas Mbogo who also works tirelessly to ensure accurate and reliable information is presented to the entire BABA YAO fraternity.

As the late king of pop once said “This is it” we believe we are the team capable of changing everything to something new because we’ve got you and we’ll always stay true to you. From the editor’s desk keep cool, I and as they say Astalla Vista we say.


KCSE Exams Analysis






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"First, I would like to thank the Almighty Deity who has been very gracious and kind tous by giving us perpetual protection and care and provison of …

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