This is a key movement in the school, perhaps the movement whose activities purely are under the spirit of national patriotism, scouts movement has endevoured to being on the side a career building movement and on the other character moulding. I wish all the scouts the zeal and spirit of burden for well even as we open into the modern chapter of a scouter, Regar. The scouts club we the scouts of St. Paul’s high, have been doing our best in contributing in preparing free,supportive,responsible and committed scouts who are needed to build a better Kenya.

Our schools strategic position has given us an added advantage when it comes to interacting with the environment. We’ve been encouraging our fellow comrades to live us to me scouts movement mission of educating young people to play a constructive role in the society.

The scouts club has embarked on enforcing the need for young scouts to take up their responsibilities the environment they live in. This has been in our case through ‘live in nature’ the outdoor activities that are done in camping through which we interact with nature.

We have occasionally taken part in community clean up exercises, serving the second fundamental principle of scouting. That of, duty to others, frequent scouts training sessions have enabled us acquire a principal approach to erective learning that has encouraged self development and self –reliance.
We are the scouts of “Ovotes” and we are always prepared, always cheerful and brave in all difficulties. Proud Mwamba Scouts. Hip! Hip! Hurray!


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