Young Christian Society


Young Christian student (YCS) is a catholic Christian based movement. The movement is aimed at evangelizing to the student environment through a lived witness and action.

To be transformed individually and by word of God so that members grow in faith and committed to Christ.

Transform the society and the world into a better place to live in.

To train teachers into a way of life that makes them responsible between the actions and influences others to.
Serve all people especially the poor and oppressed The movement is guided by the Motto “see, judge and Act”, bound by objectives and the YCS movement motto the young student are able to grow spiritually, morally and socially to become accountable and responsible members at the society.Under the guidance at the Kevote parish in general priests and the clergy in the YCS members have an opportunity to deepen their faith in god and strengthen their social psychological life

•    Currently the YCS members have received a lot of support in the spiritual growth from Rev. Fr. Agapius Kamau, Rev. Fr. Henry Kathuri and Sister Emily. The YCS fraternity thanks the Cregy for this, we also thank school administration for their support in the school YCS movement is involved in various activities such as visiting small home once in a while as a way of sharing life together with less fortunate in the community around.Organizing and attending YCS rallies for enrolments, orientation and general spiritual and social sharing with other YCSERS from other schools.Weekly pastoral programmes on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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Participating in liturgy during Holy Mass in the school and the church etc.
The young Christian student (YCS) has organizational structures within the school. The movement has a matron currently Mrs. Karurua J. who works with a team of committed officials.

These officials includes:-
Chairman – Joseph Muriuki
Vice Chairman – Edmund Gitonga
Secretary – Caleb Muriuki
Organizing Secretary – Antony Mutisya
Treasuere – Alfred Mbogo
Catechism Officer – Derrick
Discipline  Master – Lewis Munyi
Choir Master – Gabriel Wambua
Alter Servants Master- Simon Peter
Entertainment Master- Kenneth Muriithi
Ass Entertainment – David Gitonga


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