Muslim Group


In the name of Allah the most gracious, the merciful. I take this opportunity to express my feelings and experience.

We are a group of 34 members who are God fearing and strongly committed to their Islamic faith. I am proud that each and every member is well disciplined and hardworking. I have never ever heard any indiscipline case related to our group.

I also appreciate the effort of administration who gave us total support in practicing our religious rite, I can actually be confident in saying that St. Paul’s is a place and a place where religion is highly respected, and am proud to be its member.
Finally I greatly thank the almighty who has guided and led us to where we are today.
Outgoing Muslim officials 2013

Chairperson – Kadiro Abdi 4S
Secretary – Dido Mohamed 4W
Treasurer- Edin I Edin 4E
In charge of Discipline – Ali Ruchi 4N

Words from Muslim Chairperson - Kadiro Abdi

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