Seventh Day Adventist Group


As the SDA group, being the smallest group in this school, we humbly acknowledge every individual of St. Paul’s fraternity. We would like to show our sincere appreciation to the staff and mostly to our dear patron Madam Njoroge for the mutual respect and opportunities they have granted us. Concerning our faith.

To the rest of the students, we dearly wish you a warm stay in your successful four years here and prosperous ones out there when you are done. Do not forget to incorporate the good qualities that build up a pleasant being in the eyes of our creator. Stay righteous, be determined, be a role model for the righteous, shine and shine with uniqueness and stand alone and like a rock on your perfect principles. As am getting done ,will have some verses for conformation; James 4:13-16, 1st Corinthians 13: 1-13, Proverbs 5: 1-23, Philippians 3: 1-11, Rev. 22:8-17

Thank you……….

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