As the school derives pride from its academic programmes, It has halted at nothing in ensuring that potential talents processed by the students are not laid to waste as we abide by God’s command of talent utilization and development under the co-curriculum docket, particularly the games department.The school offers avarirty of games under different categories, from the fun filled energetic and thrilling rugby with the likes of atuke, Mutie, Soloh and the rest led by Mr. Musembi and Mr. Kariuki who work tirelessly to ensure skill perfection making the “Gorillas” the most competitive fecims in the county. Hockey has its slot in the county as they go by their sticks to give nothing but victory under experienced Mr. Karuraa. The basket ballers brings to you NBA to “mashinani” as they display their skilled shorting and passing with likes of Marebe and Kelvin (chester) with their vigorous coach Mr. Ndegwa himself. Similarly Evans and small George and team make show no smiles as they handle their rackets and badminton with Brian and Ian,
 I would like to take this chance first to thank the most high God for the talents among the soccer members of this school. As you know God has given us talents and we should exploit them or else he will take them away from us and give them to others. Secondly I would like to give thanks to the school administration for the good support through our Coach Mr. Mustafa who is very committed towards the success of this team. Our team is aspiring this year and other coming years to go to higher levels the inter schools competition.
Patron- Mr Mustafa
Captain – Leonard Mwenda
Ass. Captain –Emmanuel Manyala

The School TeamTeam Tennis
It’s my game, my hobbies. A day can hardly pass without visiting the Lawn. Being one of the most exciting and refreshing game in the globe, its given full support by the school. Many people in the world have become billionaires through it e.g. Serena Williams. We last year reached in the regionals; we are all aiming for the East African competitions led by one of our experienced players Evans Munene. Trust in us! Nothing is impossible!

Captain Lawn Tennis – George Muhoro
Chairman – Evans Munene


When games are mentined, hockey is the game that many students fear to join. Have you realized that if players are determined, the game can go very far. In the last the years our aspiration to have a tremendous performance was really determined although we continued loving preliminaries
Wambua and team making the sweatglands useful on the triangular table, table tennis. With grip and muscles on the hand that’s all they require to leave no stone unturned to the titale under close supervision of one or own own Mr. Mwenda showcasing young talents like Mukundi and Koome. Then the valley ball team does it for you give that one last match urge with spikel and bosting from vaiba and youngster Dennis Mutugi with Mr. Kivaa and Muratho in charge. The run continues with our athletics jump in a throwing and running and glory and victory. They say that football made in Germany an applied make up in Spain but I think this research is not precise since another beautiful game exists in Kevote with partfect passing out standing skills and fastastic goals, youngstars Robie, Mungathia, Mbahu Karani vesi and the rest under advice from Mr. Mustafa the next big coach in Kenya the best. We thank God for seeing us through the students, the department under MR. Mbogo and widely the administration under our sporty principal Mr. Muriuki.
We hope to see this talent displayed at our national teams and own further
Our patron St. Paul, pray for us.

Games Captain
Sylvester Matingi (404)
Our talents are a gift from God and what we do with them is the gift back to God.


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