Work without food is impossible.  That is, we cannot endeavor our studies without meals.  The department caters for the central province in our bodies.  I wish to thank the administration and more so the principal for the unending support accorded to us.  They have ensure that with the school growing population, the hall has been extended so as to accommodate all the students.

I appreciate the teacher in charge Mr. Gitonga for making sure that all students behave in a n accordable manner while taking their meals.  As the swahili saying goes “Umoja ni nguvu, utengano ni udhaifu’. I commend my assistant captains, Pet, Bobby, Dick, Lewis, Guatia, Hussein and Gideon for their cooperation.  I also thank all the students for adhering to all DH rules and ensuring that is is sparkling clean always. 

Dining HallThe School Farm


Can you imagine what ‘top-layer’ is.  Ask the strong guys in the institution.  So called waiders.  Everyone who is in high school knows more about it.  For more information hook me up.

KCSE Exams Analysis






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A career is a job or a profession that you have ben trained for which you do for a long period of your life.Students are encouraged to make career …

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