o    St.Paul’s High School- Kevote grew from St.Michael Primary school in January 1960. Its first class had 34 students. The pioneer headteacher was Fr.Bertina who was then followed by Fr.Lenta and Fr.Bonanomi. These priests created a formidable school to be admired in Embu District and beyond.

o    The first African Headmaster was Mr.Silvester Njue in 1970 various other Headteachers steared the school to higher heights of physical and academic improvement.

Administration BlockFrom the School Gate

o    Between 1998 and 2002 the school suffered serious setbacks punctuated by students’ strikes leading to poor performance and low enrolment.

o    However from 2003 to date it has resumed and steady and tremendous recovery and improvement. Last years KCSE result were the best; C+. The best candidate in Upper Eastern Province coming from St.Paul’s High School.



1)    Well disciplined and highly motivated students.

2)    Available land for expansion.

3)    Available and continuous flow of water courtesy of Runyenjes C.D.F.

4)    Very committed staff.

5)    Very supportive P.T.A and B.O.G.


1)    The goodwill of the Community towards the school.

2)    The School has a large catchment area (Eastern Province) and this means that it is capable of growing to even a six streamed school. This will enable very many young Kenyans realize their dreams in life.

KCSE Exams Analysis






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"First, I would like to thank the Almighty Deity who has been very gracious and kind tous by giving us perpetual protection and care and provison of …

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